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Divine Femininity

    Hi Goddesses! This post will begin the discussion of the idea of ‘Divine Femininity’. I’m sure that many of you have heard the term ‘Divine Feminine’ before. ‘Divine Femininity’ is referring to an energy representing a connection to an aspect of yourself that is creative, intuitive, sensual and wise. This energy has been suppressed by society for quite some time and is believed by those in the spiritual community to be in the process of awakening in recent years. ‘Divine Femininity’ is the tapping into this powerful energy and realization of its value and beauty.      In order to connect with the ‘Divine Feminine’ energy we must first understand ‘femininity’. When looking up the definition of ‘femininity’ and ‘feminine’ we are met with much vagueness. Femininity is defined as, ‘a set of attributes, behaviors and roles generally associated with girls and women. But what are these behaviors, roles and attributes?      When we think of femininity we traditionally think of things