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New Year; New YOU

Hello, Goddesses; welcome back! I hope that you are enjoying your New Year’s Eve. 2020 will be a year of growth and true awakening for the divine feminine energy. It is time for each of us to step into our divine purposes and live our truth authentically. Today I challenge you to spend an hour (at least) with yourself celebrating the years behind you and making plans for advancement, freedom and growth in the coming year (and all of the years to follow). Make it special, a true celebration. Light some candles, dress in your favorite dress, put on makeup, have a glass of your favorite wine, while playing beautiful music. Grab your journal and write everything that you are grateful for. Visualize who you would like to be in 2020 and the new decade. Where will you live? Who will be there with you? What will you be doing?What will be different from the years before? What will you let go of? Now write your own story in your journal (in the present tense) while really focusing on the way yo

Developing Feminine Intuition: Journaling

Hello Goddesses; welcome back! Today I would like to continue with the topic of feminine intuition.  A couple of weeks ago we talked about the importance of listening to your intuition. I would like to spend the next three posts going into three ways to develop and strengthen your intuition. Those three ways are journaling, meditation, and trusting. Today we will begin with the topic of journaling. I have found journaling to be a huge help in developing my intuition. Journaling is simply the process of writing in order to get your thoughts down. Many people also use journaling to jot down what’s currently happening in their life. In order to use journaling for developing feminine intuition it is best in the beginning  to write everyday. You can write about whatever you desire; your day, feelings, lists, schedules, pros and cons, things that you learned, etc. Also write down any impressions and instances where you hear the voice within. Record any dreams that you remember, and then att

Feminine Intuition

Welcome back once more, Goddesses. Today we will begin our study in  'Femininity'.  As we have established last week, femininity is based on a way of ‘being’ and our beliefs that color our being (alongside any biological reasons). One important belief that all feminine women must cultivate is an understanding of the power of 'feminine intuition'. Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious training. Intuition is based on an instinctive feeling more so than any conscious reasoning. Both men and women can harness the power of intuition, though women's brain are more so hard-wired for intuition (while the masculine brain is more hard-wired for logical reasoning).  Intuition is powerful in that it is an inner small voice or feeling that can alert you to danger, help you choose the right path and almost supernaturally know and see things that are not apparent consciously or to others who are not in touch with th