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Emotional Mastery Part II

Hello Goddesses; how are you doing today? Today I would like to continue our conversation on mastering your emotions. A few weeks ago we began talking about 3 tips to master your emotions.  We went over the importance of learning to control and master your emotions. Controlling your emotions can be very difficult for feminine women (since we have deep and complex emotions by nature), but it is possible with practice. Mastering your emotions is required in being strategic (which we will discuss later). Mastering your emotions will also raise your confidence and allow you to be a fearless Goddess. When you master your emotions, you master your vibration. When your vibration is in your control, you become a conscious creator, a force of nature. We will now go over 3 more tips to master emotions. *Tools for Emotional Mastery: Breathe; count to 10: Many people have tried this technique or at least heard of this technique. It is very simple in theory, though it can be tricky to implem

The Trumpet Call: Wake Up

Hello Goddesses; welcome back! Today I would like to relay a message to you. As we have discussed earlier, it is time for the divine feminine energy to rise.  A shift has occurred recently (and is in the process of occurring); the trumpet has sounded. It is time to awaken from slumber. The Goddess has risen and is ready to make herself known. She has felt the shift within, seen the signs, and heard the trumpet call. She is ready to take her throne. Wake up to your true inner self; be who you were always meant to be. Shed everything that holds you back from your truth and authentic self. You are meant to live a life that moves you and inspires others. You are meant to have peace within knowing that the divine Goddess within has all that you need. Do not limit yourself; everything that you have desire for and that is for your highest good is already yours. It is time for transformation. It is time to speak your truth and shine your light. Ask yourself: “What is my purpose”? “What are my

Put Yourself First

Hello, Goddesses; how are you? Are you ready for the weekend? I hope you have exciting plans. Last week we began our discussion of  emotional mastery and its importance for feminine Goddesses. We also discussed 3 ways to take control of your emotions. Those 3 ways were journaling, meditation, and focusing on your goals. I planned on writing part 2 of the topic of emotional mastery as today's blog post. Instead I'm feeling very inspired to write about the topic of putting yourself first. Goddesses, you are deserving of everything amazing that you desire in this world. You are a beautiful soul that chose to come to this earth, at this time, as YOU. You came here with unique talents and a special purpose that only YOU can fulfill. You are more powerful than you can even imagine, the higher self within you is Divinity; she is a Goddess. From the cosmos, like a gleaming, shimmering beam of light; she is the true YOU. Once you honor her, she honors YOU. Putting yourself first, i