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Who Are You? 6 Keys To Find Your True Self

Hello, Goddesses; welcome back once more. How are you; I hope you are doing amazing, as I am. What a journey we are on! What a time to be alive! Today I am tremendously inspired to write this post (after reading about what is going on in the world today). Who are you REALLY? Are you what people believe you to be? Are you what others see you as? Do others create you by their beliefs of who you are? Really ask yourself each of these questions and ponder the answer. If you have the opportunity, go into a meditation beforehand. After meditation write down any thoughts that were revealed to you in your journal. Who you ARE is primal; deeper than anything that anyone can say about you. It is more than a label or box they will attempt to place you into. You are complex. You are a spiritual being of immense beauty and power. You have a PURPOSE. You deliberately came here for a REASON. Sometimes this reason may be difficult to figure out; believe me I know better than most. This life is a jou

Divine Feminine Manifesting: Receive

Welcome back Goddesses! I apologize for my prolonged absence. Today I would like to discuss briefly another aspect of the divine feminine: receiving. The divine feminine is a creator; she receives all that she needs to create from the universe when she enters the receptive mode. She is the 'Empress Card' in Tarot. Abundance is hers; she draws all that is needed to her while sitting on her throne. The recipient mode is the mode of fertility. As in the creation of life: the egg sits in waiting drawing to her the sperm. She frets not; she worries for nothing. Once the process begins in the darkness of the womb all components that are needed for the creation of life are drawn to her. You are the Empress, the Divine Feminine Goddess. All that you need is already desiring to come to you. Send out the signal for what you need and desire by your thoughts and words.  Wait with patience and in expectation for the fulfillment of your desires. And like a beacon shining in the dark night; a