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Emotional Mastery

Welcome back Goddesses! A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up our brief introduction to developing feminine intuition. Today I would like to continue with the topic of Divine Femininity by moving into the topic of ‘Emotional Mastery’. Emotional mastery is essential to the feminine Goddess. As a feminine woman, being emotional can be a huge part of your very nature. Naturally feminine women operate more often from their emotions than someone on the masculine side of the scale. True masculine men operate from logic; their emotional nature may even be totally undeveloped. Even though being emotional is completely natural for a feminine woman, it can also be detrimental to act from a place of emotions first. Women have destroyed their relationships and even their lives by allowing their emotions to get the best of them. Its a fact that women who commit violent crimes are most likely to commit ‘crimes of passion’. This means that in the heat of an argument, disagreement or fight a woman acte

Developing Feminine Intuition: Trusting

Welcome back Goddesses! How have you been? I hope that this year (so far) is bringing you the energy of feminine awakening and prosperity. Today I would like to finish up with the introduction of the topic of developing feminine intuition. We began this topic a few weeks ago with the practice of journaling. Have you found journaling to be helpful in your development of feminine intuition? Has it helped you in other ways? Remember to continue the practice and stay open in order to see the tremendous growth that journaling brings. Last week we talked about the practice of meditation and how it can enhance your intuition. Have you been noticing any changes in yourself, your thoughts, manifesting abilities, and/or intuition after meditation? Meditation has the ability to transform your life in so many ways that you may not yet comprehend, so keep it at; you will definitely feel the benefits. Now I will talk about the importance of ‘trusting’ in order to develop and enhance feminine intuit

Developing Feminine Intuition: Meditation

Welcome back Goddesses! I really hope that you’ve enjoyed your holiday and New Year’s celebrations. Were you able to set your intentions during the new moon? Today I would like to talk with you about incorporating meditation into your practice of developing intuition. Meditation is the practice of using techniques (such as mindfulness or focusing on a particular object) in order to train your attention and awareness to achieve mental clarity, emotional calm, and a stable state. I have found meditation to be a very powerful practice. Meditation refreshes and resets your mind, placing you in harmony and alignment with your true inner being. It also will raise your vibration which is ideal for setting intentions and manifesting your desires. Creating an inner state of calm and high vibration is the perfect environment to hear your intuition. Ideas, solutions and visions flow to us that are in alignment with our true purpose and life path when we quiet the mind and unite with our inner be