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The 'Feminine Goddess' Look

Welcome back, Goddesses. Today I would like to share with you thoughts on the feminine Goddess's look. As you may guess, there is no one 'look' of a Goddess. Goddesses come in many forms and styles. One thing that all Goddesses will have in common is a pride and purpose in their look and style. Who you are within must radiate outward in your appearance. Your look and style is very important because it will speak to those who witness you and convey the message you are here to deliver. Your look should inspire others. Your look should also make you feel amazing, beautiful, and confident.  A Goddess knows that accessories, jewelry and other adornments are her friend. A carefully placed jeweled headband, a beautiful pendant of a symbol that is meaningful to you, a crystal bracelet that resonates with your energy, body glitter that shimmers in the sunlight; these can bring sparkle and magic to your look. What colors speak to you? Colors have meaning and different energies. Use t

Divine Feminine Manifesting: Honor Yourself

Hello, Goddesses; welcome back! Today I would like to talk about a topic that I believe is essential for feminine Goddesses: honoring yourself. This is an important aspect of femininity because honoring yourself raises your self confidence and also raises your vibration. This will attract to you everything that is on the frequency of 'honoring you'. You will be on the frequency of attracting people, things and situations that reflect to you the Goddess that you are. This in turn raises your confidence to what I like to call, 'Supernatural Confidence'. When you achieve 'Supernatural Confidence' you will feel divine purpose, divine inspiration and see things from the perspective of the Goddess within. As I stated in the previous post ( Divine Feminine Manifesting: Entitlement ), you MUST first feel that you are entitled and deserving of what you desire to manifest. Honoring yourself (especially if you do not yet feel 'entitled' to what you desire) is the p

Divine Feminine Manifesting: Entitlement

Welcome back, Goddesses! I hope that you are enjoying yourselves and evolving higher (despite what appears to be happening around us globally at this time). (A Goddess understands that chaos comes before something new is born). Today I would like to talk on a topic that has been in my heart for the last couple weeks. That topic is 'Divine Feminine Manifesting'. Divine Feminine Manifesting comes from a place of 'entitlement'. 'Entitlement' is a word that many people have resistance to. The definition of 'entitlement' is: the fact of having a right to something; the amount to which a person has a right; the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. This is the place that manifesting must begin from. To manifest anything one must believe that they deserve, and thus are 'entitled' to it. Nothing can come to you that you do not believe you deserve and have a right to. Femininity is by nature 'receptive', the r