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Limitless Thinking

Limitless thinking enables you to see the possibilities; it is the thinking of a Goddess. Limitless thinking requires you to think outside of the box, outside of your programming. Limited thinking creates a box that defines the boundaries of your life. On the other hand, limitless thinking is the awareness of who you really are: a Goddess. When you become aware of your true power the entire world opens up to you. This is expansion; this is Supernatural Confidence. A Goddess is a creator, she is a divine being. She creates from her desires; her quest is for evolution. The nature of existence is abundance, ever expanding, evolution. We are abundance manifested. We are expansion manifested. Question yourself: Where am I thinking small? Where have I limited my vision and dreams? Record in your journal the answers that come to you. Do this for at least a month; it may take awhile to uncover your limits since most of the world is programmed to think within a small box. So take the time to dr