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Divine Feminine Manifesting: Surrender

Hello, Goddesses; welcome back. Today I would like to briefly talk with you about an aspect of manifesting that is often overlooked: surrender. In the process of manifesting we set our intentions, visualize, and then receive our manifestation. But before manifestation and after visualization there is another step: surrender. Surrendering is detaching from your intention. Surrender is releasing, letting go. Often we hold tightly to our intentions constantly looking for their manifestation. We have in our mind a specific way that we expect our intentions to manifest. We do not realize that attachment to our intention creates an energy that is contrary to their ultimate manifestation: resistance. When we surrender we show faith. Surrendering is knowing that what you are manifesting is already yours. When we surrender we no longer worry about how a situation or desire will manifest. We release fear, and any doubt, allowing the universe to bring our desires to us without resistance. Surrend