Developing Feminine Intuition: Journaling

Hello Goddesses; welcome back! Today I would like to continue with the topic of feminine intuition.  A couple of weeks ago we talked about the importance of listening to your intuition. I would like to spend the next three posts going into three ways to develop and strengthen your intuition. Those three ways are journaling, meditation, and trusting. Today we will begin with the topic of journaling. I have found journaling to be a huge help in developing my intuition. Journaling is simply the process of writing in order to get your thoughts down. Many people also use journaling to jot down what’s currently happening in their life. In order to use journaling for developing feminine intuition it is best in the beginning  to write everyday. You can write about whatever you desire; your day, feelings, lists, schedules, pros and cons, things that you learned, etc. Also write down any impressions and instances where you hear the voice within. Record any dreams that you remember, and then attempt to decode them. Write whatever you feel; it’s all up to you. The key to journaling is to go back often and reread your previous journal writings. This will reveal to you your development, reinforce lessons that you have learned and help your growth in developing your intuition. The journal you use is your choice; I prefer using two different journals. One of my current journals is on my cellphone through an app called ‘Evernote’. I like the option of having a journal on my cellphone because my cellphone is always handy and can be locked/password protected. I especially love that ‘Evernote’ app allows to add photos to notes, and have many different notebooks on one account. My other journal is an actual hard cover book with lined paper inside. If you live with others who may snoop you may prefer to have a journal that has a lock. Journaling helps your growth in so many ways, but the biggest way it will help you is to allow you to learn to listen to yourself. Through writing in a journal you learn to validate your own thoughts, feelings and desires. Validating your thoughts, feelings and desires is an important step in learning to listen to and value your intuition.

With Love, 
Luna Rai


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