Feminine Intuition

Welcome back once more, Goddesses. Today we will begin our study in  'Femininity'.  As we have established last week, femininity is based on a way of ‘being’ and our beliefs that color our being (alongside any biological reasons). One important belief that all feminine women must cultivate is an understanding of the power of 'feminine intuition'. Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something immediately without the need for conscious training. Intuition is based on an instinctive feeling more so than any conscious reasoning. Both men and women can harness the power of intuition, though women's brain are more so hard-wired for intuition (while the masculine brain is more hard-wired for logical reasoning).  Intuition is powerful in that it is an inner small voice or feeling that can alert you to danger, help you choose the right path and almost supernaturally know and see things that are not apparent consciously or to others who are not in touch with their intuition. Have you ever met someone and before they even speak you just 'knew' that they could not be trusted? If you brought this to other's attention they most likely could not understand how you could form such a 'judgemental' opinion without knowing the person. And herein less the most common reason that most come to disregard their intuition. In today's world we are told to be 'logical' and 'non-judgemental'. Women are often taught to 'just be nice' and 'polite', which often leads to them going against their intuition. The small voice inside could be screaming at you that someone or something is not to be trusted and danger is around the corner. Many women would simply talk themselves out of that intuitive feeling in the name of being 'nice', 'polite', and 'non-judgmental'. And alas, this has led many 'nice' women into dangerous situations and tragedy. As Goddesses developing 'Supernatural Confidence' we must learn to listen to our intuition. The more you listen and appreciate that small voice within, the louder and clearer it becomes. Next week we will delve into a few practices I have learned that help to develop your intuition. 

With love, 
Luna Rai 


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