Developing Feminine Intuition: Trusting

Welcome back Goddesses! How have you been? I hope that this year (so far) is bringing you the energy of feminine awakening and prosperity. Today I would like to finish up with the introduction of the topic of developing feminine intuition. We began this topic a few weeks ago with the practice of journaling. Have you found journaling to be helpful in your development of feminine intuition? Has it helped you in other ways? Remember to continue the practice and stay open in order to see the tremendous growth that journaling brings. Last week we talked about the practice of meditation and how it can enhance your intuition. Have you been noticing any changes in yourself, your thoughts, manifesting abilities, and/or intuition after meditation? Meditation has the ability to transform your life in so many ways that you may not yet comprehend, so keep it at; you will definitely feel the benefits. Now I will talk about the importance of ‘trusting’ in order to develop and enhance feminine intuition. In the beginning of this series we discussed how intuition can be of help to you in your everyday life. As we stated, intuition is normally heard as a small voice within or a feeling deep within. Intuition can not always be confirmed by facts. As in the example of a woman who meets a man and instantly feels a feeling of fear, danger or dread. Most likely the man has not done anything inherently dangerous that you can put your finger on. This is where ‘trusting’ comes in to play. Do you ignore that nagging feeling of fear? Do you play ‘the nice girl’ and stifle the voice within to appear nice and non-judgemental? Intuition requires ‘trusting’. When you hear that voice from within, listen. Do not worry about being ‘mean’ or ‘judgemental’; ‘listening’ can literally save your life. Do not rationalize and look for ‘facts’. In a situation where your intuition is providing you with a warning or caution it is imperative that you err on the side of caution and act in accordance. I’m speaking from experience and I’m sure that most of you have at least one example of your intuition saving you from a potentially dangerous situation. We will be revisiting the topic of the ‘nice girl’, and staying safe in potentially dangerous situations later (since this is a very important topic for feminine women). Trusting your intuition is also important in situations where you are looking for an answer, solution or idea. Often in situations such as these you will have a picture or vision flash in your mind (especially if you are implementing the practice of meditation). These pictures or visions can come in dreams or while doing any normal activity. Trust in your intuition, look into the pictures or visions you receive. Use your intuition (meditate, or journal) to decide how a vision is speaking to you. Ask yourself if it is an answer or solution to a problem you currently have? Is it an idea that you can use to reach the goals/desires you have set for yourself? Be aware that oftentimes your intuition is integral in bringing your desires into manifestation (by providing an idea that you are required to follow).  Trusting in your intuition strengthens your intuition and brings more intuitive information to you. Supernatural confidence is also strengthened when you realize and trust that all the answers, solutions and ideas that you need come from within, your higher self. 

With love, 
Luna Rai


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