Emotional Mastery

Welcome back Goddesses! A couple of weeks ago we wrapped up our brief introduction to developing feminine intuition. Today I would like to continue with the topic of Divine Femininity by moving into the topic of ‘Emotional Mastery’. Emotional mastery is essential to the feminine Goddess. As a feminine woman, being emotional can be a huge part of your very nature. Naturally feminine women operate more often from their emotions than someone on the masculine side of the scale. True masculine men operate from logic; their emotional nature may even be totally undeveloped. Even though being emotional is completely natural for a feminine woman, it can also be detrimental to act from a place of emotions first. Women have destroyed their relationships and even their lives by allowing their emotions to get the best of them. Its a fact that women who commit violent crimes are most likely to commit ‘crimes of passion’. This means that in the heat of an argument, disagreement or fight a woman acted on her negative emotions with violence (such as a stabbing). It is very dangerous to act on uncontrolled negative emotions; it can cost you your freedom. It is also not beneficial to allow your positive emotions to get the best of you either. How many times have we as women (or another woman we know) expressed her positive, loving emotions freely and without restraint to a love interest only to be met with silence, ghosted, pushed away or taken advantage of? Expressing all of your positive emotions removes all mystery (which is an aspect of femininity that we will be discussing soon), takes away your feminine power (another feminine aspect to be discussed), which in turn dampens attraction. It is crucial for a feminine Goddess to have control over her emotional reactions. You can not entirely control how you feel (since feelings are your intuition speaking to you), but you can control how you react to those feelings and emotions. As we stated in our discussion of intuition, ‘our feelings are our intuitive guideposts’. A negative feeling is letting you know that something is not right or that danger is close; change paths. A positive feeling is a sign that  something is causing you to be in alignment with your higher self (the “Goddess within”), and/or that you are on the right path. Now let’s discuss 3 tools for mastery of your emotions. A few of them are the same tools used to develop your intuition.

*Tools for Emotional Mastery:

  1. Meditation: As we discussed a few weeks ago, meditation is a great tool to develop intuition. Meditation helps to calm your thoughts and clear your mind. As a result, meditation is also amazing for gaining mastery of your emotions. For example, let’s say that you have had a very stressful day; nothing seems to be going your way. You feel negative emotions (such as frustration and worry). Find a way to step away to a quiet (safe) place. The only place available at times may be a restroom; this is fine. Lock the door and meditate for a few minutes until you feel calmness and that your negative emotions have subsided. You may find the meditation from my post listed below to be helpful.Developing Feminine Intuition: Meditation
  2. Journaling: Journaling is also a topic that we discussed for developing intuition. Journaling helps you to get your feelings and thoughts out in a positive way. This is very helpful for emotional mastery. When you are dealing with extreme emotions, grab your journal and jot down exactly how you feel. Write in whatever style that appeals to you at the moment. At times you may feel like writing a poem, a letter, a list, a story or even sketching. As before, I would highly suggest that you use a journal that can be locked or a journal/note app on your locked cellphone so that your personal thoughts, and emotions remain hidden from prying eyes. 
  3. Focus on a goal: Focusing on your goals is a very powerful way to master your emotions. Having an ultimate goal in mind and constantly reminding yourself of it will prevent you from acting on any emotions that could hinder you from reaching those goals. For instance, if your goal is to create a successful business it will not benefit you to get mad and yell/curse at a client who is being rude. In that moment you must mentally remind yourself of your goal. Saying an affirmation would be very helpful to put things in perspective in this situation. 
Homework-Use your journal to write down 10 affirmations that align with your goals. An example using the situation above would be “I am a successful business woman”. It is that simple, just be sure to write all affirmations in the positive, present tense using phrases such as “I am...” or “I have...”. Say these affirmations daily so that they are committed to memory, which will be beneficial for quick recall in emotional situations. Thanks so much for joining me today Goddesses. Next week I will go over 4 more tools for emotional mastery. Enjoy the rest of your week and weekend!

With love, 
Luna Rai


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