Emotional Mastery Part II

Hello Goddesses; how are you doing today? Today I would like to continue our conversation on mastering your emotions. A few weeks ago we began talking about 3 tips to master your emotions. We went over the importance of learning to control and master your emotions. Controlling your emotions can be very difficult for feminine women (since we have deep and complex emotions by nature), but it is possible with practice. Mastering your emotions is required in being strategic (which we will discuss later). Mastering your emotions will also raise your confidence and allow you to be a fearless Goddess. When you master your emotions, you master your vibration. When your vibration is in your control, you become a conscious creator, a force of nature. We will now go over 3 more tips to master emotions.

*Tools for Emotional Mastery:

  1. Breathe; count to 10: Many people have tried this technique or at least heard of this technique. It is very simple in theory, though it can be tricky to implement in extremely emotional situations. During an emotional situation before speaking or reacting, take a deep breath in. Release your breath, then slowly count to 10 in your head. This should make you feel a lot calmer and lessen any anger or extreme passion. When you feel calm, speak. Speak slowly and calmly. If you feel your emotions building back up, stop once again and breathe in deeply. Count to 10 before speaking again. 
  2. Walk away; Come back when you are calm: In very volatile or heated situations you may find it very difficult to calm down enough to speak. In situations like this you may simply have to walk away. This may be the best course of action in a situation where your emotions may come out and cause you to say or do something that you will later regret. Walk away and go somewhere private. Leave the area where the person or situation is located. If it is not entirely possible to get away completely, go into another room (even the bathroom) and close/lock the door. When you are away from the situation, breathe and count to 10 as much as it takes to calm down. If necessary, close your eyes and meditate. I have also found that writing in your journal can be very calming. Perhaps you can write down what you really want to say and how you really feel (remember to keep your journal locked, password protected or hidden). You can also engage in another activity such as watching a show on tv that makes you smile or laugh, listening to music that shifts your vibration, dancing or painting/drawing. After you have successfully calmed down, and given the other person a chance to calm down (as long as needed), you can revisit the conversation or situation.
  3. Visualize yourself as the Goddess unmoved on your throne: This is a very powerful way to master your emotions and create peace within, and ultimately the purpose of this blog. This technique may take lots of practice to master and is best practiced during mediation (before being implemented in a conflict, argument or volatile situation). During meditation visualize yourself as a Goddess on her throne. Really take time to visualize every detail. What are you wearing? What type of kingdom surrounds you? What does your throne look like? Adding all of the details may take lots of dedicated visualizations and meditations. When a conflict or emotional situation arises, you will pause and recall your vision of yourself as the Goddess on your throne. When you do speak, continue visualizing yourself on the throne, while speaking calmly and with authority. You will instantly feel your power and feel in control (you may even feel as if time has slowed down or stopped). There will in turn be an energetic shift. The person will change their tone, walk away, calm down instantly, apologize or back down entirely. We will be discussing this visualization in depth later.
With Love, 
Luna Rai


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