Put Yourself First

Hello, Goddesses; how are you? Are you ready for the weekend? I hope you have exciting plans. Last week we began our discussion of emotional mastery and its importance for feminine Goddesses. We also discussed 3 ways to take control of your emotions. Those 3 ways were journaling, meditation, and focusing on your goals. I planned on writing part 2 of the topic of emotional mastery as today's blog post. Instead I'm feeling very inspired to write about the topic of putting yourself first. Goddesses, you are deserving of everything amazing that you desire in this world. You are a beautiful soul that chose to come to this earth, at this time, as YOU. You came here with unique talents and a special purpose that only YOU can fulfill. You are more powerful than you can even imagine, the higher self within you is Divinity; she is a Goddess. From the cosmos, like a gleaming, shimmering beam of light; she is the true YOU. Once you honor her, she honors YOU. Putting yourself first, is putting the Goddess within you first. You are here to discover you true limitless self. You are here to experience life in your divine feminine form, gaining wisdom and evolving in order to realign with your true self within. Put yourself first, Goddesses. Place your happiness, peace, and joy above all else. Doing this will raise you frequency and make you magnetic to the people, things and situations that you desire. Remove your attention, focus and thoughts from everything that brings you unhappiness, dis-ease, anger or sadness and watch these things pass from your reality. Reject what you do not want and accept/appreciate the things that bring you happiness. I guarantee that if you put yourself first your entire life will be transformed and continue to transform before your eyes. Many will tell you this way of thinking is 'selfish' or 'narcissistic'. Many will not agree with you putting your happiness first. Ask yourself 'why is this'? Is it because of programming and conditioning that they have received? Are they speaking from a place of jealousy or envy? Do they have another agenda? If this person is a friend, family member, or someone else who claims to love you, why would they question you putting yourself first? Do they feel that you putting yourself first will cause you to leave them behind or outgrow the relationship? Always ask yourself questions like these before taking anyone's advice or criticism. Ask yourself does their advice or criticism feel true to you; does it resonate with the truth of the Goddess within you? Does their advice or criticism raise your vibration? The truth will resonate with you, bring you into alignment and give you peace, joy, and/or happiness. If something does not raise your vibration it is a signal from your higher self that it is taking you out of alignment with your true self. The more that you make yourself happy, the higher your vibration will go. A high vibration is the key to manifesting the life you desire. So put yourself first always and be witness to the miracles that will occur.

With love,
Luna Rai


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