The Trumpet Call: Wake Up

Hello Goddesses; welcome back! Today I would like to relay a message to you. As we have discussed earlier, it is time for the divine feminine energy to rise. A shift has occurred recently (and is in the process of occurring); the trumpet has sounded. It is time to awaken from slumber. The Goddess has risen and is ready to make herself known. She has felt the shift within, seen the signs, and heard the trumpet call. She is ready to take her throne. Wake up to your true inner self; be who you were always meant to be. Shed everything that holds you back from your truth and authentic self. You are meant to live a life that moves you and inspires others. You are meant to have peace within knowing that the divine Goddess within has all that you need. Do not limit yourself; everything that you have desire for and that is for your highest good is already yours. It is time for transformation. It is time to speak your truth and shine your light. Ask yourself: “What is my purpose”? “What are my talents”? “What would I do for free”? “What do I believe in”? What do I stand for”? “What would I like to share with the world”? These questions can be difficult to answer for most, Goddesses. We are taught from birth to follow the program and adapt to a masculine worldview. We grow up learning that the only way to succeed in this world is to follow a direction that is alien to most feminine beings (but natural to the masculine). We are depleting ourselves, bitter, depressed, lost and confused, unfulfilled. We MUST awaken to our natural feminine self. Take time to meditate, listen to your emotions and analyze your feelings. Visualize yourself in your ideal life daily. Journal all of the revelations that are revealed to you in the process. Even if you are nowhere near where you would like to be, do not give up. Keep taking small steps daily towards the direction you would like to go. Celebrate every success that you accomplish along the way. Put your self care and happiness first; enjoy yourself. Be thankful for every life experience (even if it appears to be ‘negative’) that has occurred and led you to where you are today. Forgive yourself for any shortcomings or failures. When you align with your higher self and true nature everything that you need flows to you. Synchronicities will start to appear and opportunities that are in alignment with your true self present themselves to you. You will be surprised at the beautiful changes that will happen within you and also in your environment. The trumpet has sounded; the shift is occurring. 

WIth Love,
Luna Rai


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