Know Your Worth

Hello, Goddesses; how have you been?? I  hope that you all have been staying calm, optimistic and at peace. I apologize for my silence for the last few weeks. I have been meditating, relaxing, and keeping my vibration high amidst the chaos that is currently occurring. I have also been working on a few other things that will be unveiled soon. Today, though, I would like to talk to you about 'knowing your worth'. Many women do not know their true worth. Many women do not know their value. I could easily empathize with this, because I have also been in the same place before coming to the TRUTH of who I am. We are often taught as little girls (from the media and those around us) that our value is only in what we DO or GIVE. So as a result, we grow up and do, do, DO; give, give GIVE. We put ourselves LAST and give more and more to everyone else. We try to please others to our own detriment. We love with our entire being; we give our all. We do things that do not make us happy and put up with people and situations that drain the life from us. And still are told it is not enough. Many women are unhappy, lost, and unfulfilled, dealing with depression and breakdowns; they have given all that they have to give and still MORE is expected of them. We listen to the opinions that others give about us and compare ourselves to other women. We search for perfection, never finding it. Goddesses, your worth is not dependent on anything you do or anything people say about you. You are the Goddess on the throne. When you know your worth, you do what is best for YOU. Knowing your worth means putting your needs, goals, and desires FIRST. A Goddess who knows her true worth will not allow anything or anyone to remain in her reality if it is harmful to her or is less than what she KNOWS she deserves. A Goddess knows that her existence in this time and space is important and destined; she is meant to be here. She knows that she is deserving of respect and love. Ask yourself what do you desire? How would you like to be treated? Really get a clear picture of that goal and visualize it every chance that you get. Now ask yourself where am I now? What has to change for me to reach the vision of myself and my life that I desire? Be honest with yourself; without any judgement. In your journal write down a list of things that you need to change or work on in order to reach your vision. On a separate page take each goal from your list and put down the steps that are needed to reach that goal. Now begin working on them, step by step, day by day. Check off each step and goal that you complete (do not forget to celebrate), and before you know it you will be further than you thought possible. This also goes for relationships in your life, romantic or otherwise. Create standards for yourself and the treatment you would like to receive. These should be standards that take into account your goals, your boundaries, and your unique needs and desires. You are worthy of all that you desire; this is the premise of this entire blog. You are the Divine Feminine; this world is yours. Wherever you desire to go in this world is truly up to you; knowing your worth, and achieving Supernatural Confidence will take you there.

With Love,
Luna Rai

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