Divine Feminine Manifesting: Entitlement

Welcome back, Goddesses! I hope that you are enjoying yourselves and evolving higher (despite what appears to be happening around us globally at this time). (A Goddess understands that chaos comes before something new is born). Today I would like to talk on a topic that has been in my heart for the last couple weeks. That topic is 'Divine Feminine Manifesting'. Divine Feminine Manifesting comes from a place of 'entitlement'. 'Entitlement' is a word that many people have resistance to. The definition of 'entitlement' is: the fact of having a right to something; the amount to which a person has a right; the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. This is the place that manifesting must begin from. To manifest anything one must believe that they deserve, and thus are 'entitled' to it. Nothing can come to you that you do not believe you deserve and have a right to. Femininity is by nature 'receptive', the receiver. You are created to 'receive'. The universe is for your advancement the moment you are born into this world. You are meant to evolve and grow. By birth you are entitled to receive any and everything that contributes to you advancing and evolving. Survival/protection, love, creation/procreation, abundance, health are your birthright; you are entitled to these things. So ask/command from a place of 'entitlement'. Have no doubt and act/live as if you already have that which you desire; you must see it as 'normal' for you. Be patient and pay attention to the signs along the way, following your intuition. When anything that appears 'bad', 'negative', or as a failure/mistake, see it as simply a lesson. Nothing is inherently negative; evolve your perception and see the blessing, the silver lining. Anything that you need to grow and evolve will be shown and revealed to you along the way. What you are ready for comes to you when you are truly ready to receive it. So get ready NOW. Raise your vibration, care about feeling good (regardless of what is happening outside of you). Visualize your desires every chance you get. Read/research universal law, spirituality, and mind mastering techniques. Make space in your life for what you desire to manifest (remove toxic people, situations, and blockages). Be 'entitled', be 'spoiled' knowing that you are deserving.

With Love,
Luna Rai

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