Divine Feminine Manifesting: Honor Yourself

Hello, Goddesses; welcome back! Today I would like to talk about a topic that I believe is essential for feminine Goddesses: honoring yourself. This is an important aspect of femininity because honoring yourself raises your self confidence and also raises your vibration. This will attract to you everything that is on the frequency of 'honoring you'. You will be on the frequency of attracting people, things and situations that reflect to you the Goddess that you are. This in turn raises your confidence to what I like to call, 'Supernatural Confidence'. When you achieve 'Supernatural Confidence' you will feel divine purpose, divine inspiration and see things from the perspective of the Goddess within. As I stated in the previous post (Divine Feminine Manifesting: Entitlement), you MUST first feel that you are entitled and deserving of what you desire to manifest. Honoring yourself (especially if you do not yet feel 'entitled' to what you desire) is the place to start. There are many ways to honor yourself, but I would like to give you 7 practices to get you started.

7 Practices to Honor Yourself:

  1. Celebrate Yourself-Celebrating yourself is an amazingly powerful way to honor yourself and also my favorite. Start by choosing one day a week in which you go all out in celebration of 'YOU' (ideally you will celebrate yourself everyday/all day). It does not matter what you have done/have not done; no special accomplishment is necessary. Throw yourself a party if you like. You can bake/order a special cake for yourself (or have someone else bake/order a cake). Have balloons in your favorite color, wear a special dress, have your makeup done. You can have this party alone (if you prefer) or even invite others who love you, honor you, and bring you added happiness. Some Goddesses may prefer a spa day. This can be done at home alone (or with a friend or friends), or even at a luxurious spa. You may even decide to plan a vacation or getaway to honor yourself. Your celebration should make you feel beautiful and special; it should be something that truly brings you joy. If you know your astrological rising sign it is a good idea to have your weekly celebration on a day that is honored by your ruling planet. If you feel connected to the moon you may also choose your day based on the moon cycle. When you honor yourself you celebrate yourself because you KNOW that you are deserving of celebration outside of anything you do or have. Your life has meaning and you are deserving regardless of another's opinion of you. 
  2. Always look your best-Looking your best is a great way to honor yourself. Your body is a temple for the Goddess within you. A Goddess knows that how she cares for her appearance will speak volumes. Others may attempt to tell you that 'looks do not matter', but a Goddess knows better. Your appearance can attract the life you desire or repel it. Your appearance can attract others that will honor you or attract those that wish to walk over you. How you look speaks before you do; always put your best foot forward. Take special care of your skin also. A Goddess will adopt a skin care routine incorporating moisturizing creams and anti-aging serums. Take luxurious baths and refreshing showers, making sure to exfoliate daily. Wear makeup that enhances your features while also adding an element of the 'supernatural'. Your hair should enhance your overall look. Wear clothes that are feminine in color and style. A dress will always do the trick. Be sure to honor your appearance even when you are home in lounge wear. 
  3. Make your surroundings into a temple that honors you-A Goddess should decorate and care for her home and surroundings in a way which honors her. Place paintings, art, and sculptures that are pleasing to you. Decorate in colors that make you happy, relaxed and comfortable (or whatever you would like to feel). Add plants, crystals, water features, and representations of animals that speak to your spirit. Make your space into a a unique and genuine representation of the Goddess within.
  4. Have a self portrait-Create a beautiful portrait of yourself. If you are able to paint or draw you can create a self portrait of yourself to hang in your home. If you like you could have an artist paint a portrait of you. Another option would be an actual photograph of you looking like the Goddess you are within.
  5. Remove that which does not honor you from your presence-A Goddess honors herself when she surrounds herself with that which honors her. If someone or something in your life is toxic, causes you harm, or speaks dishonorable things to you, you must dismiss it/them from your presence. Having someone that dishonors you in your vicinity can do much damage to your vibration, lowers your frequency and can have you believing their negative opinions of you and limited thinking/perspective. 
  6. Goddess Affirmations daily-A Goddess knows that affirmations are powerful and the perfect way to honor herself. What you say to yourself repeatedly has the ability to transform you from the inside out. A Goddess makes use of this power by strategically choosing her words, especially when it comes to what she says to and about herself. Always begin affirmations with the words "I AM" or "I HAVE"(example: "I AM deserving of all that I desire", "I AM an amazingly divine Goddess"). When you wake up in the morning and look in your mirror say your affirmations to yourself (out loud or in your head if you are not alone). Say them often throughout the day. It may feel strange at first and like a lie (if you do not yet believe them), but shortly you will come to believe every word. When you believe truly and completely your affirmations you will see the changes manifest in your daily life.
  7. Tell yourself that you love yourself -Honor yourself by being gentle and loving with yourself. Tell yourself every chance that you can, "I love you". Give yourself compliments; admire your own beauty. Sometimes we can be harder on ourselves than we are with others. We must treat ourselves kinder. If you have any feelings of regret, anger or guilt towards yourself you MUST forgive yourself. Self forgiveness is VERY important. Hate, anger, regret, and guilt turned inwards brings dis-ease within. Be sure to forgive yourself often no matter what.
*P.S. Be aware that some people may discourage you from honoring yourself. They may call you 'arrogant', 'narcissistic', 'selfish', etc. People around you may tell you that you do not deserve to celebrate yourself or that you are not worth it/have no value. Your job is to disregard those 'opinions' and KNOW the truth for yourself. You are valuable; you are deserving. In the beginning of developing confidence it may be wise to not tell others what you are doing or why you are doing it. Other's negativity and limited beliefs easily affect us when we are low in confidence and unaware of our true value and power. Once you develop 'Supernatural Confidence' and see your true self, you will no longer place value on other's opinions of you.

With Love,
Luna Rai

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