The 'Feminine Goddess' Look

Welcome back, Goddesses. Today I would like to share with you thoughts on the feminine Goddess's look. As you may guess, there is no one 'look' of a Goddess. Goddesses come in many forms and styles. One thing that all Goddesses will have in common is a pride and purpose in their look and style. Who you are within must radiate outward in your appearance. Your look and style is very important because it will speak to those who witness you and convey the message you are here to deliver. Your look should inspire others. Your look should also make you feel amazing, beautiful, and confident.  A Goddess knows that accessories, jewelry and other adornments are her friend. A carefully placed jeweled headband, a beautiful pendant of a symbol that is meaningful to you, a crystal bracelet that resonates with your energy, body glitter that shimmers in the sunlight; these can bring sparkle and magic to your look. What colors speak to you? Colors have meaning and different energies. Use them in your look according to what you are manifesting, how you are feeling, etc. Hair is also vital to a Goddess's appearance. Treat yours with honor and love. Wear it in a way that enhances and adds to your overall look. Natural, long, short, wigs, extensions, or intricate styles are all amazing. Change it according to your mood, add accessories, try a new color, or add a head covering. Makeup is also essential for the look of a Goddess. A Goddess is not of this realm; her looks should reflect that. Wearing makeup is pure art for your face. Find a look that enhances your unique beauty (without overwhelming or detracting from your beauty). Add more (lashes, eyeliner, glitter, colors) when the time/place/situation calls for dramatics. Do not worry about looking 'natural'; you are supernatural. The 'natural' look does have its time, purpose, and place, though. Some Goddesses may also choose to be natural to convey whichever message they are here to portray. The choice is yours; this is your world. Experiment, have fun. Change your mind; switch it up as often as you like. A Goddess's clothing should enhance her feminine form, while also portraying whatever aesthetic she desires at that moment. Are you desiring to seduce? Wear a dress that reveals your shoulders, your back, or your legs in a color that fits the mood of the place where the seduction is occurring (do not forget heels). Also take into account the person(s) being seduced (and your seduction style); use colors that will attract them (red, pink, black or white are best for seduction). A Goddess should be well put together; her look should involve some thought. Your style is a form of nonverbal communication and will always speak louder than anything you say or pretend to be. This fact can be used to your advantage. Dress and style yourself as the Goddess you are within and you will become that on that outside.

With Love,
Luna Rai

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