Divine Feminine Manifesting: Receive

Welcome back Goddesses! I apologize for my prolonged absence. Today I would like to discuss briefly another aspect of the divine feminine: receiving. The divine feminine is a creator; she receives all that she needs to create from the universe when she enters the receptive mode. She is the 'Empress Card' in Tarot. Abundance is hers; she draws all that is needed to her while sitting on her throne. The recipient mode is the mode of fertility. As in the creation of life: the egg sits in waiting drawing to her the sperm. She frets not; she worries for nothing. Once the process begins in the darkness of the womb all components that are needed for the creation of life are drawn to her. You are the Empress, the Divine Feminine Goddess. All that you need is already desiring to come to you. Send out the signal for what you need and desire by your thoughts and words.  Wait with patience and in expectation for the fulfillment of your desires. And like a beacon shining in the dark night; all the proper components will be drawn to you. For you are magnetic, Goddesses.

With Love, 
Luna Rai

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