Who Are You? 6 Keys To Find Your True Self

Hello, Goddesses; welcome back once more. How are you; I hope you are doing amazing, as I am. What a journey we are on! What a time to be alive! Today I am tremendously inspired to write this post (after reading about what is going on in the world today). Who are you REALLY? Are you what people believe you to be? Are you what others see you as? Do others create you by their beliefs of who you are? Really ask yourself each of these questions and ponder the answer. If you have the opportunity, go into a meditation beforehand. After meditation write down any thoughts that were revealed to you in your journal. Who you ARE is primal; deeper than anything that anyone can say about you. It is more than a label or box they will attempt to place you into. You are complex. You are a spiritual being of immense beauty and power. You have a PURPOSE. You deliberately came here for a REASON. Sometimes this reason may be difficult to figure out; believe me I know better than most. This life is a journey. There will be ups and downs, failures and triumphs, love, hate, fear, beauty, sadness, happiness, and everything in between. But we came here for these reasons: to feel what it is to be 'conscious'. You as a spiritual being; a GODDESS. In this lifetime you will hear many 'opinions' about WHO you are. They are all just that: opinions. A Goddess is a complex being who is here with the purpose of evolving and ascending. Her evolution raises the vibration of the entire collective. It does not matter where you start. It does not matter what your flaws are. You are uniquely equipped to fulfill the purpose you are here for (I can not emphasize this enough). Evolve and ascend within; 'all is mental'. For what you believe of yourself is what you will become. I speak to you as one who is currently on the path, for we are never 'done'. Everything that I speak of has come through much tears, hardship, confusion, lose, heartbreak, and sweat. I come from a place of love and understanding because I have struggled with this myself. I will now give you 6 keys to find your true self (you will recognize a few from previous posts). 

6 Keys To Find Your True Self:

  1. Spend 30 days (at least) in Contemplation: Spending at least 30 days in contemplation is a very powerful key to finding your true self. It most likely will end up being one of the most intensely enlightening experiences of your journey. You must set out with the intention in mind to 'Find your true self". On day one repeat the following intention to yourself (aloud, when alone): "I am the Goddess. I am here with a divine purpose. I reveal to myself now my true SELF". In your journal create a section that is at least 60 pages long. On the first page write: "Who Am I"? Each day create a new entry entitled "Who Am I"? Spend at least 30 minutes a day (an hour or more is recommended) asking yourself this question. It is also recommended to go into a meditation. Afterwards, write down anything that comes to you in your journal. 
  2. Research: This is one of the most important keys to finding your true self. It may sound simple, but I will say it again: RESEARCH. Researching means to research all that you can about ANY and EVERY subject. You may have heard this before (or you may not have): 'As above, so below; as within, so without". Basically (for example) this means: As the stars above are, so are you within (astrology). Realizing this literally transformed my entire being in ways that I can not even begin to explain to you. Find your exact birth time (look on your hospital birth record). Find a site that offers natal chart reports (there are many free sites if you do the research). Also, it will greatly help you to do as much research as you can on the subjects of human nature, psychology, quantum physics, science, religion, other cultures, etc. I know it may sound like a lot, but pick which subject interests you most first and RESEARCH (this is a life long process; evolving never stops). Each subject will reveal to you more and more the human condition, which will help you understand others more deeply, this world we live in, and yourself in the process. 
  3. JOURNAL: As I keep emphasizing, the practice of writing in a journal is VERY powerful. I have multiple journals that I read often (this helps to reveal to you your growth). You may even decide to get a separate journal for the purpose of finding your true self. Every other 'key' to finding your true self should be promptly recorded in your journal. 
  4. Meditate: This is also a practice that you have most likely heard me mention a few times before. Meditating is imperative to Goddesses looking to reveal that which is hidden (in their subconscious).  The higher self speaks most clearly when the mind is quieted as in meditation. 
  5. Travel to the Past: You may have heard this mentioned before by others. That is because it is an awesome way to see what talents or skills you possess that may have been reasoned away by time and logic (by yourself or others). What did you like to do when you were a child? What could you do for hours before money and the demand to make a living (or have a family of your own) came into the picture? What subjects were you good at in school? What would you do for free if money was no issue? Ask yourself these questions and write down all that comes to you in your journal.
  6. Experiment with Your Passions: This is an amazing key for finding your true self. Ask yourself what would you like to do or learn next. Whatever it is 'Go for it'. Start wherever you are now. in your journal write down each passion you would like to explore (you can add more as you go along if more come to you). If you need to take classes or work up to it, just 'Start' where you are. You will surprise yourself with what you find. 
I hope that these keys have helped you, Goddesses. I hope that they spark within you the truth of the beauty that is you. As always, I will revisit this subject again in the future. 

With Love, 
Luna Rai

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